Gday from downunder

Hi all, joined up to check out this place. I used to run archlabs for a little while but now run artix with dwm - suckless desktop. Im a member over at Bunsenlabs too. Just thought i would join another kick ass forum and share some scrots and info.



Welcome aboard @s7l

Look forward to your posts.

kick ass <3

Welcome !

Welcome to the forum @s7l, see you around!


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Welcome to the forum @s7l.

Welcome! Good to see another southern hemisperian here! (Is that a word??)

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Yeah, you guys who stand on your heads…:grin:

Keeps the blood flowing!

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Welcome! Great to see you here!

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Thanks for the welcome. Hey Dobbie you ready be part of New Australia :wink:


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An Ausi kiwi?

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Hello antipodean person, welcome!

You are half correct.