G'day from Down Under

Hello, newly joined the community from Sydney, Australia. Very pleased to be here.

I LOVED Crunchbang when it was around, so I was quite excited to see the essence of it had been brought to my ‘rolling’ preferred Arch environment.

I am a retired IT/Human Resources Project Manager. I have been using Linux ( many Unix variations actually) from nearly the very beginning. 1988 was 1st experience, then 1992/3 in earnest. haven’t had a Windows os on a machine for a decade or more.

Nowadays I tinker by supporting about 200 or more elderly folk in their conversions to Linux (doing my bit to ‘spread the word’). They vary from super stable MXLinux users to partial rolling like PCLinuxOS through to now slightly more adventurous Arch based rolling.

See you round the forums,


Welcome to the ArchLabs family @greywolf. Great introduction and happy to have ya aboard.:slight_smile:

Thanks Glenn, looking forward to it.

Hello and welcome to ArchLabs from Sunny New Zealand.

Hello @greywolf and welcome to the forum.

Welcome aboard @greywolf .A great addition to our community ! Nice story in there.

Glad to see you around from Canada sir.

Edit: Added stuff.

G’day to you too @greywolf, and hope you enjoy the forum. We help each other out and have fun at the same time. :grin:

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