G'day from another Downunderer

Hello AL-L forum-denizens! Thanks for your nice forum, & for the fact that you seem happy about non-AL-L users entering your fine club-house.

Actually, tbh, i do have AL-L KDE from “archlabs-2019.01.20.iso” in an older VM, & this arvo i’ve tried [but failed, sob sniff] to create another VM this time from “archlabs-2020.05.04.iso”. However i’m not running AL-L itself in my actual boxes, which instead comprise:

  1. Main Tower: Primary boot = Arch KDE [via archfi (yes, i am a fat lazy old cheat, i know)], & secondary boot = SolydK.
  2. Laptop = SparkyLinux MATE + Compiz.
  3. Muck-around Tower = SparkyLinux MATE + Compiz.

As per my Profile summary, both #1 & #2 have had a variety of Nixes on them leading to the current iterations. I also like playing with / learning about lots of different distros & DE’s [sometimes WMs, but comparatively rarely] in my VMs. I regard myself as a clueless enthusiast; keen as mustard yet thick as two short planks, & only having “discovered” Linux late in 2013, going full-time with it in 2014. It’s such fun; i love it. I took early retirement in 2015, hence don’t need to sully my hands any more professionally with MS.

I’ve meandered my way here from another couple of Arch-based fora, one of which used to be a very happy playground for some years until sadly overrun by wretched orcs & balrogs dispatched from Mordor under the withering Eye-of-Sauron. Or something.

I’d quite like to mention that i really enjoyed this [coz: 1. Local Boy Done Good, 2. Blue beats Orange any day, 3. Beautiful plumage, the Norwegian Blue]:

And this very mean cruel but weirdly Not Inaccurate dig at my beloved Plasma also had me in giggles:

Fwiw, though i have it auto-changing wallpapers every 7’, this was my Tower’s desktop a little earlier today:


I hope not to make too much of a nuisance of myself around here, & indeed generally aspire to be… Mostly Harmless… & so … Don’t Panic.

:woman_facepalming:t2: :sunflower: :whale2:


Nice to meet you, @GuiGirl, welcome aboard. Good to see another GUI-focused human being. Almost all the dinos here prefer just terminal on some dark background. :rofl:

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Welcome aboard @GuiGirl

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I resemble that remark @nwg

Yes, I am a dwm fan… I like terminals and I’m old as dirt. Oh & welcome @GuiGirl, I see you like SparkyLinux; Paweł does a nice job.

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LOL, if it comes to age, I’m an O.F.C. member as well. :smiley:


Hello @GuiGirl, welcome to the community.

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@GuiGirl Welcome!!


Welcome @GuiGirl. I’m trying to work out if you are a Kiwi or an Aussie from your language used but we have such similar slang it’s hard to determine.

Either way, welcome aboard.


EDIT: My detective skills lead me to believe you are Australian. Welcome me old china.


Ta muchly @Dobbie03 & all the other kind people here. Yes, you spotted the Meteogram, i had been curious to see if the penny would drop from that, & sure enough it did. Noice one.
:kangaroo: :kiwi_fruit:

Oh drats, there’s no emoji for pavlova, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It dropped. It dropped hard :smiley:

Anyway, hope to see you around the forum.

P.S. I really don’t like pavlova. I’m literally the only person in my family and wife’s family who doesn’t.

P.P.S. I also don’t believe either NZ or Aussie invented the pavlova, I reckon we both did independently. It was a fluke and some inventive Granny in both countries just happened to hit upon the same recipe. :cake:

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Well, now look, if you promise to keep it strictly between us, & don’t blab to anyone else… i actually also don’t think that highly of it. I do like the idea of it, sure, but the actual making of it, & the actual eating of it… well, IMO the result ain’t worth the effort. Now, if we’re talking tiramisu, or bombe alaska, then that’s a horse of an entirely different colour!

Your words that i quoted, incidentally, made me think of “I don’t like spam”, to which i was sorely tempted to say “Bloody Vikings!” … but it’s probably a bit too soon yet for you to be forced to realise just how bonkers i am [especially if you don’t get the attribution]… so i decided only to think it to myself but not post about it. Oh, wait

I promise. Though there is no shame in disliking pavlova, none whatsoever.

We have no issue with that. :smiley:

We are all a little crazy in our own way, though some more than others :crazy_face:

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Hello and welcome Antipodean person :slight_smile:

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