Garuda Linux

I mean how the hell can a person who added more function that polybar is really not meant for, yet polybar is still predicated on modules whose primary function is not optimal for window management?

Window management

How the fuck do distros think polyba/panels and Dracula before the simple config of i3? Regolith? For fuck sake, installed i3 using Solus’ package manager, and it still didn’t have the basic i3 config anywhere in the root file system as well as like anywhere.

How the fuck can a distro can not via their own package manager host their own i3 desktop - *while using Gnome as your base ala Regolith, and not even create the .config directories?

If EOS wants to compete with that, well here is a clue: you based your whole revenue stream using Arch Linux lulz. Instead of monitoring Distrowatch rankings - like all CFO’s of distros do /s - well your code is less worthy than a GNOME extension. BTWm those extensions really really suck too.

This is just a rant, you Garuda assholes. You should enjoy how one thinks your distro sucks to make it suck more out of spite. Heaven knows you can fuck Plasma all up, which of course easy to do.

I get it. You’re anarchists. In Linux lulz. Even though Garuda is so not egalitarian.

LOL, it’s perfectly fine that we have Arco, Garuda or other similar distros in Linux. As long as they have enough users, they will find a way to survive. They have the freedom to put together a system, we’re also free to decide which distro to use.


Lulz, my screed last night was fueled by this:

For comparison’s sake, I drank 7 pints of Guinness two evenings prior, and hardly felt a thing. I drank four of these last night, and thus a word salad.

My apologies for the drunken screed.


That’s a cool beer, @Drummer. Would love to get my hands on that one


It’s a super drunky beer lulz. It can get one pretty hammered. Drake’s makes nice brews, hard to find down here, even though it’s a California brewery.