Garuda Linux

Currently testing Garuda Linux’s Wayfire Edition on metal. Installer is the Calamares installer, with btrfs as the default disk format, and Zen as the default kernel. Installation is like any other Calamares installation, so nothing extraordinary there. Post installation has an assistant, kinda like Busenlabs, although not text based that refreshes the mirrors and updates the install, and has several pages that pop up for adding more packages and things like AppImage and Flatpak package managers (as well as the KDE’s Discover) of various implementations.

Very first impressions: even with the Calamares installer, the wobbly as well as flaming windows harkens back to the old Compiz roided distros like Ubuntu Ultimate Edition. Right off the bat Garuda reminded me of it, even in aesthetic without all the window pyrotechnics. The Wayfire Edition’s desktop has two panels/bars - one that is like the i3 bar with a few clickable applets on the top, the other like a tint2 bar with launchers and system tray on the bottom. The default theme is like Dracula dark with those sort of candy like icons that Garuda has for default.

Will post scrots later, as well as run a few apps like Bitwig - which was installed via the assistant - as Garuda seems to be aimed a bit for multi-media and gaming, with an emphasis on performance. I also loaded a custom kernel that came as an option for a second one, one that is optimized for cpu cores of four or less.

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I’d rather test ArcoLinux. :grinning:


Lulz, in many ways, Garuda is worse. Seriously, I booted out of it because it was so claustrophobic and convoluted. Flaming windows? Wobbly windows? It’s like a bad marriage of both Ubuntu Ultimate and Satanic editions, just now in Arch. It had skippy-xd loaded at default, at least it wasn’t a 3-D cube. Compiz was like so 30 years ago, at least the effects are. I’ll still give Garuda a shot, but BloatcoLinux even with all of Dubois’ excessive narcissism baked in is not near as garish as Garuda. At least he doesn’t bake in flaming windows.

I’ve been running Garuda with the Plasma desktop for about a month now and it’s perfect. I love how far it has come since they first put it together.

Plasma is an animal all it’s own, to me the better Plasma is one that isn’t overdone. Maybe I can see a reason for Garuda because of their toolbox, but I didn’t even bother to spend any time with it, I’d rather do Wayfire on my own, and I didn’t want to deconstruct, change a bunch of configs, turn off all the pyrotechnics, theme it sanely, I mean it’s Wayfire. If they can glam up Wayfire like a Great White gig at The Station in New Jersey, I don’t even want to deal with a Marilyn Manson Plasma desktop.

It’s just Wayfire. If you turn off several childish animations, you have a very handy floating Wayland compositor, sometimes more resources-friendly than sway.

Yeah I installed Wayfire on AL before, and I have dealt with Compiz way back in the day to it’s current iteration, but it didn’t have all the effects turned on at default. I used to turn on the 3-D cube for desktop switching, but even that was a bit silly honestly.

For a WM desktop, while I can appreciate some added panache baked in a distro, Garuda’s Wayfire desktop was again, straight outta those kitchen sink distros like Ultimate where they turned on the firehose of window effects, even the theme resembled it. I’d rather a toolbox where you can build it to something like that, rather than have to tweak all of it out.

Garuda is like Walt Disney puked on your screen.


I still keep Wayfire installed, even if out of date, to test my stuff on wlroots-but-not-sway. Well configured, it’s a great WM if you don’t need tiling at the moment.

Wayfire comes with a GUI config tool. It also includes a shell, that made me jealous enough, to start working on my own shell for sway. The problem is, that it was less than half baked, at least when I saw it last time.

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When I browsed Garuda’s site, I saw they had a Wayfire ISO, so I thought I’d try it out. I originally was going to install their sway edition, but it’s rare to find a Wayfire out of the box ISO, so I installed that instead. I tried Garuda’s Openbox ISO once, hated it from the beginning and wiped it.

I can imagine their sway looking like an Australian’s nightmare.

LOL, they use some of my products in the sway edition. Not really as I’d like them to be used, but it’s their choice.

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I may burn an ISO and check it out. I don’t do VM’s (and Garuda’s site says all their ISO’s sub-optimal in VM), and if building sway is a PITA in Solus because I have to build stuff from source, I may give it a go.

Why not. Garuda sway is far from my preferred configuration, but way better than Manjaro sway.

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EOS’ sway is pretty cool, I had that installed over the past couple of weeks. But I wanted to try something else since I sort of have it in AL, I copied a few configs from their repo.

I know the team, and we don’t like each other, so I’ve never seen their sway edition. And it’s not going to change.


Season 9 Hbo GIF by Curb Your Enthusiasm

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Well tried Garuda’s sway edition, and while it’s not all Stryper’d out, it still has a ton of shit installed at default that I just…hate. There has to be a competition of who can build the cheesiest, bloated sway desktop between Borkjaro, Shartco, and Garuda. Despite having some of nwg’s stuff (which is nice BTW, the only good thing about it, everything else is ass).

This explains it all on when I boot into Garuda:

Bachman Wtf GIF


As long as there’s no sway on AL, you won’t find anything better, I’m afraid.

[edit] I’d like to know if some other distros come with sway preinstalled/preconfigured.

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Now that I know about you and EOS, I got your back. If they want to be the new Manjaro or even Canonical, well look at Muse lulz.

Lawyers. Forking Arch is easy. That is why Arch is as popular as Ubuntu. There are more distros based on Arch and Ubuntu than there is…

Two hours ago I tried Fedora again, because of Wayland and Pipewire. Do people really have to give a shit about API’s anymore? Not unless it comes down to intellectual property and how developers have to deliver within GitHub. Do end users like myself who can make a living with “mainstream” tech that is licensed and proprietary, yet like Muse, has not baked in law that would prevent forking IP?

This is why I hate projects like Garuda, ArcoLinux, Archcraft, and Zorin. Not to criticize anyone who can develop a better implementation of Lemonbar. Or Tint2, or Openbox. What is the ultimate objective of Wayland? When you don’t need it with the Linux Kernel and bash?

My comment/screed is not intended as a criticism of your goals. Garuda has adopted your idea and integrated into their own project. I see at this moment you who puts many hours into working towards Wayland, to see it rat fucked by Garuda and the likes of Dubois.

The problem with Garuda is that it sucks and flawed, but you will have that dumbbass from DistroTube who after three years posting vids on YouTube can’t even install Void, Gentoo, etc, who after all that went back to ShartoLinux because he is too lazy to understand Haskell. Now he left to defend Stallman without even understanding the GNU license, who still uses menumaker in Openbox

How we interact with math and science is how natural we understand it. Because how we come to understand it is by creating data sets, and calculations that helped mankind adhere to the volatility of their environment. The reason why mankind still exists is not because humans have opposable thumbs. It’s due to linguistics, vocabulary, and translation. Our own tongue. the natural guttural expression of emotion both out of fear and love.

Garuda and distros like do not expand vocabulary,. . We all know Arch, Debian, etc. I’d rather ChromeOS instead. Why? Because Garuda does not provide any Ubuntu user can not do themselves. It’s a bullshit distro aimed towards users who don’t care about Linux. All they see is a brand trend in mediums like Reddit, to then posting their results on unixporn, , the most malignant free expression outside of Q-Anon. ,


Haha! I don’t hate any of above. They have their concepts, and what I like most about Linux is the freedom of choice.

I think that my project should finally have its own installer, with several presets to choose from. You’d be able to install it on Arch, AL or wherever.