Gaming arcade halls, rooms etc

Ok bit of an hypothetical here.

Say you were given 100k to create a kickass public gaming hall, room. What would you put in it and what other special features would it contain?

Years ago me and mates would always visit one place that was a squash courts that had a kickass gaming room adjacent to a cinema. Id like to see something like this again but have more, like maybe a burger bar, maybe a diner like experience as well.

I think these places atleast in my area have died off in favor of online gaming and people staying at home instead of socializing in public, i could be wrong though, what do you think?

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If it comes to me, I need beer to even start playing a game. Quite a lot of beer. :smiley:

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If you’re thinking about a business, design something for over 40; they have been playing that kind of games and, when they’ve got money to spare, they like re-editions in general.
Forget about teenagers, they’re not your target.


Yes, we do. :smiley:


Pretty much it I must say @pippo .

& as you stated in your 1st post last paragraph, all @home & virtual as for the young people @s7l


True that, maybe something 30 plus ? Or is 30 these days the 15 of the 1990’s?

@nwg Liquor would be a no go, just a nice gaming atmosphere, not drunk people.


My about-30 office colleagues keep noses in their phones all day long. For playing they use PlayStation.

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Ok ive got a cool idea, to me atleast.

I would re purpose a rather large warehouse, have it be navigable as type of maze. Not sure how i would structure it though. Some of the ideas to make it a complete experience.

  1. multiple arcade areas or rooms possibly themed?

  2. a few pool/snooker rooms, not too many probably just 2 as it would become a pool hangout for sharks.

  3. old school pinball rooms.

  4. mini cinema that is able to seat no more than 100. Not a normal cinema though, lets say if you want to watch old movies or maybe even some sort of youtube livestream, or something just out of the ordinary for public viewing. Would be free to view as long as seats were available.

  5. indoor sports areas like squash, table tennis etc.

  6. A diner with a limited menu of burgers, maybe a few pizzas and refreshments.

If I had to put my money in it:

  1. corners, not rooms; the place needs to look as big as it can
  2. absolutely not, bowling (4/6 lanes max)
  3. absolutely positive
  4. if there’s enough space outside, drive in cinema with snack service. Audio straight to the car sound system via Bluetooth
  5. would not be bothered
  6. of course
    You need something consistent with the original idea: spaceship cockpits, D&D tournaments, cosplay events and similar. That will attract people from a wider area and keep the place constantly crowded.
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@pippo thanks for playing along, im considering doing a course/certificate in small business training with some sort of creative enterprise learning in the near future. Be my own manager/leader in said area type thing. I despise the term “boss” a boss to me is someone i fight at the end of a stage, a leader is someone i follow. The world is full of bosses, we need more leaders and good leaders.

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For me it’s easy to agree with you, I meet dozens of “bosses” on a daily base. Most of them believe in " I am your boss, I can bully you", but that’s all they can do, the state of their business is typically pathetic.
I tend to be quite hard with my team of experts, but I will never let them call me boss.
Master is much more appropriate.

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