Gameprint - 3D Printed Star Trek Online Starships

GamePrint is a company that will 3D print starships from the MMO Star Trek Online. After six months of waiting, I finally got mine in the mail, all the way from Poland. Not sure if there are a lot of Star Trek fans or MMO fans, but I feel like nerding out and sharing my new acquisition :slight_smile:

USS Trenzalore


That is cool. The most important question though …do they do it for Star Wars?

It doesn’t look like it? All I can see on their website is either Star Trek Online, or DAZ 3D figures.

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That’s pretty cool @Tyr-El, that ship looks a lot like the Defiant from ST DS9

It basically is the Defiant just with a different skin on it. The Defiant happens to be my favourite starship, so… :smiley:

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Mine too! :grin:

DS9 has always been my favorite show of the ST franchise.