FYI: Installer issues with sway

Wasn’t sure where to put this really…Sorry if it is in the wrong place.

The installer currently has a breakage when installing sway. When it wants to install archlabs-nwg-shell it errors because it cannot satisfy the dependency of the package on nwg-shell-config.

Typo corrected

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There have been updates to the sway session packages last night. I think nwg-shell is still in the Testing repo. Thanks for reporting.

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@elloquin I’m not sure: which package is missing? nwg-shell-config should be in stable repo…

$ sudo pacman -S archlabs-nwg-shell
resolving dependencies...
warning: cannot resolve "nwg-shell-config", a dependency of "archlabs-nwg-shell"
:: The following package cannot be upgraded due to unresolvable dependencies:

I am absolutely no expert here by far.

Probably it should be archlabs-nwg-shell-config (provides nwg-shell-config). The nwg-shell package is not in the stable repo. I’ll let @natemaia know.

I’ve recently moved the nwg-shell-check-updates entry point from one package to another, as I wanted the AL nwg-shell implementation to be similar as much as possible to the Arch version. But AL installer uses AL packages, not AUR.

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I’ll handle this a bit later today, sorry for the hold up.


Should be fixed now


Thx for the hard work in there @natemaia @nwg on Sway to name just that one.


Moved this one to the Sway category.

@elloquin when creating a thread you can type the name of the category (or what you think it should go under, in this instance sway) and it will bring a list of categories up.

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