Thx for sharing @ThoamsAdam , might be useful to our members !

Compiled without issues.

Well that leaves me out lulz.

I can get it to work, but may be missing something basic in my config.

I have -

DesktopSize 1x1
DesktopConfiguration per-monitor

in my ~/.fvwm/config, but on startup, the desktop just spans left-right. I can get the right monitor to be a separate desktop by selecting a different desktop in the pager and opening some program on the right-hand monitor. That view will remain on the selected desktop.

I use -

exec fvwm3

in my .xinitrc. Should that be something different so that there are unique desktops on each monitor at startup?

Overall, fvwm3 is quite stable and good for everyday work. It has not crashed or seg faulted. Well done Team Fvwm.

This looks correct to me, although I do wonder if it’s best to swap the ordering – that is to put DesktopConfiguration per-monitor at the top of your config file.

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This helped.

In November when I heard about the new FVWM3, I got curious to know what Fvwm can do with its own resources as a 2.5Mb package + dependencies? It started as an experiment and soon became a fully functional base that made my daily computer workflow faster, simpler and more efficient. As well as modern.

Please, take a look at this 10min youtube video (no sound included).


First, welcome to the forum, and I thank you for the video, and especially thankful it has no sound given how many desktop demonstrations have soundtracks that have music blasting all the way through them that make them intolerable, like a televangelist blaring on the TV as to punish someone like Hannibal Lecter lulz.

As for what is presented on the video itself: well, while I can see that it’s just as functional as most other window managers, it still seems like it’s in the CDE era, while that’s not a knock on it - NsCDE is a great desktop for example, although again hearkening an era of desktop - desktops such as the aforementioned would now be considered “esoteric” compared to the mainstream environments/window managers, and workflows have also gone forward with them. There is a huge leap from say OS 7 to macOS, and while I love OS 7, OS X changed a lot of the game, and so did my workflow working with Mac.

But I take your point with all earnest, and the beauty of Linux is you can live and work in whatever desktop, window manager, and environment one chooses, and that’s a good thing, nothing wrong with that in the least.

Looks cool. Glad to see some old WMs are still alive.

Thanks @drummer for your straightforward feedback. This was needed. If I understood you correctly, to move out from the “CDE era” primary window management. The dominating trend for DEs and WMs.

Exactly what I have in mind. After decades of spending so much time with window management instead of being fully concentrated on the computer work at hand, this had to be reduced. As well as less distraction.

In 2005 got the taste of Fvwm but after awhile changed to another WM. What I didn’t know then as well as many others, Fvwm is primarily a virtual manager (VM). We may think of two monitors to place windows on an area larger than the visual screen display.

Fvwm was designed to do the same with one monitor. Sounds distractive when suddenly being able to come out from the box-like dominating screen usage. :slight_smile: Actually it is a very helpful and useful feature. No distraction of scroll bars or limited to small window views when working with Gimp image manipulation, Scribus desktop publishing, or OpenShot video editing.

This doesn’t mean other DEs and WMs cannot do the same, especially those originating from the Fvwm source (Xfce, Enlightenment, etc.). But not compared to Fvwm’s customization.

Virtual management is my next focus. In the youtube video introduction, in the end, the virtual window movement looks a bit clumsy because of maximizing. Could not get resize to scroll over the screen edge or didn’t know if Fvwm can do it. A few days ago, I received the style: Style * EdgeResizeDelay 300

Another good news, on the Fvwm forum, Taviso’s window list (FvwmExpose) with thumbnails, now works well and it’s beautiful. This replaces the thought of having a window overview similar to Gnome or Xfcedashboard.

I am curious to know what Mac does that makes the workflow better.

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I should probably put a portable version of this in fvwm3’s default config. Well, as portable as I can given the reliance on external tools to perform the thumbnails…


Another idea to think about, which I think is possible because of Fvwm. To run its configs also in other WMs. For example, Taviso’s window list.

I am suggesting this because often plugins, especially Gnome’s extensions, slow down the system extensively. An Fvwm config is a low memory and instant. Also, much easier to create/code than using other languages.

I have it installed and play with it from time to time but I got so addicted to Openbox that I simply can’t imagine replacing it with something else as my daily driver, maybe only DK some days when I’m in the mood for something different. But fvwm has some charm within that I cannot explain which makes me return to it when I want to play.

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End of the day it’s about usefulness. And we choose the WM and DE accordingly. Some because of a glamorous wallpaper or trendy. :slight_smile:
The right workflow makes the difference. For example, I need a large space, instant access, and response for different designing purposes. Also, freedom of customization whenever is needed. Fvwm’s virtual+window management does that. It was there before Win95-97 created the box-like environment.

I have heard good things about OS 7 and macOS which moved away from the Windows-like OS.

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That bottom panel is incredible.

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His work with Fvwm is insanely awesome.
He built a panel with FvwmButtons and his own modules to replace conky; perl scripts for CPU and RAM with graphs. Kind of like what he has on that bottom panel, but a larger, squared-off vertical panel.

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I better check it out.

Search his name on BL forum; it should be posted there. I think he still has a github page.

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Thank you and will do.

I found it. Everything on that desktop is Fvwm custom modules:

Fvwm Desktop