Interested in Fvwm? I find it quite interesting and worth using. Fvwm has been around a lonnnggg time (as such things go). Here’s an example of what I threw together:


Oh, looks great @manyroads

Hi gang. FWIW Here’s the details on my setup.


Top as usual @manyroads

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@manyroads looks good. @PackRat and I both have fvwm configs too. We’ve been using it a long time.

Here’s mine:

It requires a patch though which works with fvwm3. Its patch #17 from here.

Also I prefer to draw the buttons with the Vector api so everything is just in text files. But the pixmap/svg way is more flexible. Looks like your using the same buttons Addy did on his blog. Dunno he might have got it from somewhere too.


Fvwm3 hit the Void repos recently; upgrading the systems.


@cog @PackRat Nice Job(s).


@cog – the fvwm-patches repository will need updating to work with fvwm3, as I’ve moved away from manpages to asciidoc.

Anyone set up Fvwm3 with dual monitors and gotten this configuration to work:

DesktopConfiguration per-monitor

Hi @PackRat

Plenty of people, if the list of issues on Github is to be believed. :wink:

I hope you’re using the master branch on git to test this, as I’ve made a lot of improvements since I released 1.0.1.

If it’s still not working right after that, let me know what you’re trying to do, and what isn’t working and I’ll see what I can do.


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I am using the package available in the Void repos and was just trying to set up Fvwm3 with dual monitors to have a different desktop on each screen.

I compile from the master branch when I get some time later this week.

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Hey. Not sure if you’ve been looking at this, but in a few days, I’m planning on releasing 1.0.2. You may want to wait for that.

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I will.
Just finished a clean install to change the partition layout.

Looks very nice. The color theme matches the background perfectly.

I’ve tried Fvwm, both versions, on MX and AntiX, even loaded the Sparky version of it (weird that I only tried it in Debian distros lulz) but I never really explored it, as it seemed both at once esoteric and ancient in a way, like Windows 7 ancient, just for a point of reference. Compared to all the latest WM’s, it just felt like it was behind them. I could be wrong about it, and most likely are, but what you see what people can do and have done with WM’s such as Awesome and Openbox when it comes to side panels and such, where does Fvwm compare to them, and is development following suit with it, and so forth?

This being said, I am probably gonna load it because I can lol.


Yup, Fvwm isn’t for everyone. But it’s as old as the hills, and as such, does require the individual to want to create their environment, which will take work.

@ThoamsAdam Looking at cog’s, manyroad’s, and PackRats posts, it looks like it can be config’d to what we see in “contemporary” WM’s, which is great, it’s a testament to Fvwm. In the end, a WM is a WM, if you can still use something like CDE in a modern environment, then that’s very cool IMO (tried CDE out not long ago, it brought me back to the late 90’s lulz).

This is scrot from a user named daggoth on the BL forum:

That entire panel was created with FvwmButtons and custom modules (written in perl) - and that is one of his lesser efforts.

If you have the patience and coding skills, an Fvwm desktop can look however you want it to look.


Wow, nice, wasn t aware of that @PackRat

Hey all,

For those of you reading this thread, please be aware I have released fvwm3-1.0.2. See: https://github.com/fvwmorg/fvwm3/releases/tag/1.0.2