FVWM3 Extensions

Hard at work @rasat . Keep it on.

I remember using this fvwm theme a long long time ago. looks good!

What attracted me to this decor is the usage of the MultiPixmap option to place transitional images between the left and right-side buttons and title. This means any image such as pair of eyes looking at you. :smile: In this case, the narrow TitleStyle Height 20 can be increased. Create the image and point it to the line Main qnx/title-main-active.png by editing the line to Main qnx/<my-image>.png

 AddToDecor QNXDecor
+ TitleStyle Active MultiPixmap \
        Main     qnx/title-main-active.png, \
        LeftEnd  qnx/title-leftend-active.png, \
        RightEnd qnx/title-rightend-active.png
+ TitleStyle Inactive MultiPixmap \
        Main     qnx/title-main-inactive.png, \
        LeftEnd  qnx/title-leftend-inactive.png, \
        RightEnd qnx/title-rightend-inactive.png

When increasing the height of the title bar to 30px, the small 20px buttons became blurry. I made my own icons that match well with the wood texture title bar. This is the new QNX Wood Desktop. :smile:



This is the new base for version 3.4.