Fvwm Virtual Management

I am focusing on the Virtual Management of Fvwm. How this powerful feature can be made useful and efficient for the different users’ interests.

The new Fvwm3 myExt v1.9 provides space and visibility. Key bindings speeding up the features, such as “alt-m” (window maximize 145 175) and “alt-t” (thumbnail).

The mouse or key “alt-d” (Desk 2x2) makes your small or large screen resolution go beyond the actual size of the visible display. With the pager (miniature view of desktop) you can manage the virtual windows with ease of mouse stroke. This is just the base, what more to add or improve?

One new video shows the VWM of Fvwm (7:32 min).

Download myExt package v.1.9 (13.7Mb)



Thx for sharing @rasat

This is madness, love your work!

On another forum, one user was comparing i3 with Fvwm. i3’s tilling of the WM. Fvwm’s configuration and hard to use on a daily basis. And i3’s speed of tilling and filling the work-spaces.

Before replying to the above comments, I installed i3.

I am concluding that it is not correct to “compare” i3 with Fvwm or vice-versa when the former is 100% key-oriented. They are of two different mindsets. Same as Word Perfect and Word. Does the same but operates differently.

i3 and Fvwm configuration, both use simple plain text. Both can easily configure how the daily basis will be and the workflow. Fvwm has more options. There is no difference between i3 and Fvwm’s super-fast and low memory usage. Tiling is a user preference that Fvwm also does (this what I heard).

I didn’t test the i3 work-space. I assume it is a page not a desk of many pages. With a desk, Fvwm allows the user to go beyond the visual screen edge, where the virtual management takes place. Or, does i3 do the same?

I will check the tiling and then going to create titling and tabbing config for Fvwm.

Th next project of that “one user” would be i3 vs Plasma? :smile:


There are some user configurations that use key bindings for faux tiling in Fvwm; including a dwm mimic. There use to be a FvwmTab module for tabbed windows, but it was buggy and was dropped.

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Did a test with Robert’s tiling config. It works well in DesktopSize 2x1… one page does tiling and the other one is normal wm. A nice combination.

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This is the other module for tiling Fvwm I am aware of - FvwmPiazza:Tiler; also available on git.

rubykat did a lot of work with Fvwm configurations; she may still be active on the project.

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