FVWM myExt distribution

This project store respins of different distros with the FVWM MyExt config collection. How Fvwm works and runs on the Linux distributions. Design for Fvwm3 but also works on Fvwm2. MX Linux and Arch Linux are now available. Other distros with tools for creating live and install iso images are welcome.


Checked the Arch version. Looks and runs nice. Idle system uses less than 300MBs.

You have an AUR package? I noticed that you have a zip package available(also a very detailed installation instruction) but it might be easier for those who rely on pacman & AUR helpers.

Not sure of your question. The Fvwm3 is an AUR package. Due to archiso’s (tool to create iso image) limitation of installing AUR packages, requires creating one custom repo. Also, no external scripts can be included. This was one of my questions on the Arch forum.

Are there any tools to create one live and install iso of the whole install of Arch? For example, in MX Linux, install and custom your wanted setup and create the iso with MX snapshot. Also, a tool for Gentoo and FreeBSD.


Not sure how to install the zip file (config collection) through AUR because it goes in /home/ folder. Also, after it is installed, it’s encouraged to modify the configs. An AUR package will overwrite everything.

Arch Linux live iso ver. 1.0 is uploaded.

This video is dedicated to the “Getting Things Done”-oriented FVWM config (February 2006) aimed for "stress-free productivity".

Shows the new improvement of the Virtual Window Management in the FVWM3 myExt config collection ver. 2.2 (soft music after 2 min). Click here.


You can use a .install script to copy the configs over and include a check to avoid over-writing existing configs.

See the “INSTALL/UPGRADE/REMOVE SCRIPTING” section of PKGBUILD(5) for more on this but don’t tell anybody on the Arch forums I said this, it’s egregiously improper.

Here is the myExt “How to use the config features” help-image shown as an example in the video. Click here.


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For anyone who wants to install Arch Linux with this live CD, the installer or guide does NOT install the content. Advantages are there but done manually. For example, during the install besides creating root don’t create another one. At the end of the install, login with chroot.

  1. Either in terminal or file manager copy /etc/skel/ folder to “install partition”/etc/
  2. useradd -m (creates user’s home directory and copies all files from /etc/skel/
  3. Copy /mnt/ (includes /repo/Packages/custom repo with fvwm3) to “install partition”/mnt/
  4. Copy /etc/pacman.conf to “install partition”/etc/
  5. pacman -Sy fvwm3 + other packages listed in /home/demo/install.txt

Note: be careful with archinstall command… for advanced users.


myExt ver.2.3.3 is ready and Arch live CD iso ver.1.2. The iso is large (3.0Gb) with archiso: airootfs_image_type=“erofs”. Provides smooth and good run compared to squashfs. Now myExt appearance looks good and the behavior is nice. Download from SourceForge.


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Now the Fvwm extensions work like a user-oriented model to use, modify and create your own. One-time install and then upgrade with the Extension Installer when there is an update. This graphical installer makes it user-friendly for those who prefer a quick setup of their choice. The update is handled through the GitHub repository.

How does it work? Make a test run.
There is one new Arch Linux Fvwm-myExt respin ISO (3.1.4) in SourceForge site that has been recognized with a Rising Star award by SourceForge. How does it look, click the below screenshot?


username: demo
pass: demo


Top @rasat

To install Fvwm3 (if the distro package is not available) and myEXT extensions:
Install instructions for Arch, Debian, and Fedora.

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I have changed the title “FVWM3” to “FVWM” according to the latest update (ver. 3.2). Works on both Fvwm3 and Fvwm2. Startup script changes the load config accordingly.

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Here is the Arch Linux Xfce-Fvwm Extension respin ISO . Combining Xfce and Fvwm has become my day-to-day platform, a perfect WM. Super light with unlimited functionalities.

Download (ArchLinux-Xfce-Fvwm-EXT-v1.0.5-x86_64.iso) here.


Xfce 4.16
Fvwm3 1.0.4 (also works well on Fvwm 2.6.8 )
Xfce panel 1 (taskbar), panel 2 (app icons), and whisker menu. Visible Fvwm extensions (left to right):

1. Fvwm OverView button of current windows.
2. Extension Installer.
3. Menu for system tasks and wallpapers.
4. Window manager bar to resize, move, tiling, etc.
5. CurW/AllW - List of windows on current and all desk pages.
6. VM Desk - Virtual Window Manager 2x2 Pages.
7. Thumbnails of iconified windows (Terminal and Thunar).
8. 1x5 Miniature view of desktops.
9. Calendar, time, and date button.