Fusuma, mouse geastures that feels like Mac

Hi folks,
Recently I got my I3 configs finished and I thought: How can I make it feel a bit more like… macOS :stuck_out_tongue:

Using fusuma you can configure your mouse gestures to correspond to key combos

my kind of how-to and my config are below!

  • yay ruby-fusuma
  • mkdir -p ~/.config/fusuma
  • vim ~/.config/fusuma/config.yml

Change the key combo with the one you use to switch workspaces

command: ‘xdotool key Super_L+Control_L+Left’
command: ‘xdotool key Super_L+Control_L+Right’
swipe: 0.4
pinch: 0.4
swipe: 0.8
pinch: 0.1

get it in a service or add an exec line on your i3 config

fusuma -d -c ~/.config/fusuma/config.yml

now you can use 3 finger swipe to go next/previous on our workspaces

open for opinions


Thx for sharing @stilia.johny . Nice !

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Give it a try

One of the tings that apple has done well enough is the way the user interacts by using the touchpad.
I am currently using a dell XPS 7590 and the mouse feels significantly different… so … here i am with some hacks

Thx. Might give it a shot one day, not right now.