Further Linux Desktop Funding (Investments)

For those who are interested in major new funding in the gnome-gtk world…

I’m not sure why I would fund a company that doesn’t listen to their users?


lol, pretty much most corporations I guess.

Yeah to some extent. I’d prefer to give my money to people like BunsenLabs, @Madmedic who hosts scrot.cloud, ArchBang etc.


Good call @Dobbie03

I suspect the gnome team is attempting to staunch the flow of DEs away from their platform (ie. Budgie, Cosmic, etc.). I have to say, that running Cosmic is quite nice and I suspect it will be even better once they trash the gnome dependencies.

I think you are right but why not take note and start taking on suggestions that have been made and ignored by the community? They can’t actually be sitting there thinking it’s everyone else that is the issue.


Where is the fun in that? When they have all the answers already why bother with the little people. :wink:

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lol, pretty much it @manyroads ! lol



Sure they can, and they do.

Code of Conduct differences between Gnome & KDE. One requires, one recommends. Safe space, open space.


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It was a rhetorical question. :smiley: I know the Gnome devs want Gnome to fit their vision and I have no issue with that. It’s when they make changes that are detrimental to the environment, users cry out and it’s ignored. If you receive funding from your users, in my mind you are obligated to listen to them.