Full upgrade to new AL version

Hi everyone.

Is there a way to fully upgrade to a new release?
I have an old AL installation in 3 of my PC’s (probably a 2018 version or so) and I’ve done a pacman -Suy and everything works ok. But some new configs of the last release (like five concurrent download threads in pacman) are not there.
Can I get to update everything in my computer so that it becomes exactly like the new release?

Thanks in advance!

(PS: Is this the right subforum or should I have posted it under ‘Basic Help’?)

That’s a simple edit to your pacman.conf file. That needs to be done manually. See the Enabling Parallel Downloads section on the pacman ArchWiki page.

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Yes, I knew that.
I referred to it only as an example. My question was about getting exactly the same system as if I make a new AL installation with the new iso.

You should be good. AL is pretty much vanilla Arch. We don’t change user configs. Main change is that dk window manager can now be installed with pacman.

What are you running now for window manager etc …


I would also be careful with dependencies as well as it can go south real quick some times with older installs while upgrading.

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I’m running i3-gaps in most of my PC’s.
I was a little doubtful because I recently installed 2022.05.29 release to try it and I saw some differences (like parallel downloads or some new default wallpapers and other ones I can´t remember now) with old updated installations. I was wandering if there were other major changes that I could be missing.

But if you say there aren’t so it’s ok.

Thank you so much.

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I would play with both the newer install & your older ones for a while & see what you like or what you like less & go from there.

I update my installations quite often, and, except for minor issues, everything is going well. For ‘minor issues’ I mean some orphan packages or missing dependencies which are solved removing unused packages.
That’s precisely why I switched to AL years ago. Other distros used to mess everything on updates. Never happened to me with AL, but I know it could happen sometime.

Thanks for the advice!

Hey that s cool,a good thing that with frequent updates,

It was just some warnings there, bet that you don t want to screw your installs ! lol

Bet that it happened to most of us.

We never know right ! Looks like you ll be just fine here.

I’m trying to do so, but in the newer install I’m using Sway and I’m still getting used to it. It’s my first Wayland installation so it’s not easy to make a direct comparation for me.

By the way, I’m pretty happy with my older updated installations. I only didn’t want to miss a thing…

Cool, if you have some different installs ( older AL as well as newer AL ) , I would stay like that just for the heck of it.

Bet that someone in the forum will be happy that you have Sway installed.

Oh, welcome aboard !

I know. I greatly appreciate your tips. I usually make a terrible mistake that is not reading release notes before updating :sweat_smile:. And then I spend a couple of hours wondering what’s wrong… :person_shrugging:

I used to read a lot here some time ago, but I’m a quite shy guy so I’m not posting so much. Besides, I’m not so fluent in English and I prefer to stay in shadows :laughing:
But, you’re right, I like this community and feel pretty well reading in here, with people trying to sincerely help so may I need to write more often…

Thank you so much!

No problem in there @thoronaug . Just try to help when possible.

Guess that we all went true screwups one day or another ! lol

Your Englsh looks fine to me, anyways one can use google translate & go from there if need be.

I didn’t have time to explore it deeply nor play with its config. I feel it a little heavier than i3, al least in load time but I love the autotiling method it uses… Time will talk…

I’m looking forward to installing dk and try it too…

Really appreciate!!

You re welcomed @thoronaug

Ah cool @nwg s part behind Sway or something alike, so he ll be able to give you a hand .


I’m getting a bit lost in this thread, sorry. :wink: One way or another, I described how to install / upgrade nwg-shell on AL here. @thoronaug, feel free to ask questions if something isn’t clear enough.


@nwg has a git page you can check out for his sway desktop shell. I think the link is in his signature.

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I’m reading right now about windowing servers and Wayland to learn the basics. And when I have a little time (or when I feel like doing it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) I’ll try to get in deep with that. For now, I’m using my sway installation pretty well without major issues. But is a desktop I use for work and didn’t use much time to fine tune it.

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I’ll take a look and will use your help. Appreciate.

I’ll check shortly, thank you so much, @PackRat !

Wow, a lot of answers and help offers… You are great. I’m really feeling good here. Very welcomed.
Thank you, guys.

(PS: I’m messing with deleting post trying to edit one of them… :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:. I will learn!)

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