Full drive encryption

I think this is going to be one of those rhetorical questions since I have a feeling, I already know the answer…

Is there an easy way to encrypt your system drive without disturbing the data. Like I said, I’m certain its going to require a complete reinstall but I’m hoping beyond hope, that there is a way around this.

This may help

I’m not sure it will work and would definitely do a backup prior to starting but it all seems right to me.

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Looks interesting especially since it only about a year old. It’s certainly an option. I was also considering a fresh install (to a point) then using a backup I have of the system via rsync (thank you HoaS) this might be a good option with the caveat of needing to preserve files like fstab.
Im not sure what why I want to go yet - but than you for the option.

Yea I looked into it a bit and it certainly seems up to date so maybe worth a shot, what have you got to lose besides time if you do full backups.

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