Full archlabs-dark icon theme not shown? [SOLVED]

I have been messing around with the icon theme for about a week now including trying to create my own that inherits archlabs dark with the missing icons explicitly enabled. But for some reason I am unable to notice a difference in appearance.

An example of my issue is the little picture that goes on special folders like Music is missing in some cases. I have two symbolic links as directories for videos and music, but only videos has the white camera icon. Music does not no matter what I do. Additionally, there should be an image for scripts and games but I don’t see one for either. There is no issue with any other icons, it just irks me not being able to see all the icons in my home directory sometimes. Has anyone else noticed/experienced this issue?

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I haven’t really freddy (not to the degree that I’d be bothered trying to fix anyway :wink:) but ArcoLinux :roll_eyes: has some pretty good info on themes and icons


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You may need to back up what you have in home then follow the instructions here:



@Dobbie03 MY MAN that fixed it no idea how I missed that section thanks so much

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That s cool, please mark it as solved @freddyforgetti as it might help other members in the future.

Good stuff.