Fu$&ed up my install

So, decided to install gnome so I can check out hidpi and compare.
Pacman -S gnome and packman -S gnome-extra
Logged out and openbox ignoring login altogether and log back into openbox. So I install i3 through al-hello and now booting into black screen.
Fuck this shit! Can’t get into my desktop anymore!

Sorry, to hear…Hopefull one of the guys can help you get your desktop back. In th future, its much better to do a test like that in a VM.

Happened to me something similar yesterday.
Installed Xmonad, after rebooting I wasn’t able to log in anymore. I even couldn’t start neither Openbox nor i3.
I wiped and did a fresh install. Luckily I was in VBox so I didn’t broke my main sys.

This is crap. I don’t want to start again.
I can get into tty, how do I restore my openbox login manager?

Did you try to uninstall gnome and i3 from tty?

Looks like gnome broke something; first thing that comes to mind would be gnome’s display manager messing up lightdm.

By chance, does:

systemctl list-unit-files --state=enabled

indicate there are two display managers enabled?

I have lightdm.service enabled
Is this what’s causing the issue?
(And sorry about the language earlier in my post, was freaking out and didn’t want to rebuild…)

No worries on the language. We can understand it can sometimes get a little stressful :smiley:

Thanks mate
lucky my wife understood as well! I used a colourful language with my computer :slight_smile :slight_smile:
so I’m able to tty and login in to command line, I can startx and get gui, though I have to repeat the tty login all the time.
Is there a way to restore my login?

Not necessarily. That’s the default display manager. Since you installed gnome, I thought the gnome display manager (gdm) service was also running and messing you up.

You can disable the lightdm.service so you boot directly to the command line.

You can set up your .profile and .xinitrc for log in - see the Arch Wiki for the details.

Not sure if uninstall and re-install of lightdm will help you.

I actually removed lightdm and went with lxdm because I prefer it. So you could also try switching display managers.

Did the gnome display manager get installed? From the try, can you stop the lightdm.service and start the gnome display manager? I don’t know what it’s named, gdm.service maybe.