FTP software recommendation?

I just realized much of my site work is still on my desktop. I’m trying to ween myself off Adobe products, but the desktop is loaded up do image and video work for now. Thus, I tend to use it for my websites. As my spouse is on the desktop at the moment, I realized I don’t have an FTP client on my ArchLabs laptop. What are people using? Filezilla?

I gave up on Filezilla. Just open remote locations in the file manager, currently in Thunar. With 2 windows open it’s comfortable enough.


You mean an ftp client with a gui?

Should have sftp installed if you don’t mind cli apps.

FileZilla is the only gui client I’ve used lately.

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I think Firefox should theoretically do the trick as well. Just type ftp://www.some.url/some/path.
Firefox then is more or less a bad file manager and you can access the files. Looks ugly af, but who cares? If you want it to look cool, use the commandline, I suppose? If you want something else, maybe FileZilla is good. I do not know how good though, never used it really.

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Thanks everyone! I didn’t realize I could use Thunar. This is perfect for me! Thanks @nwg!

lftp is good for syncing directories from the command line.

mc also supports ftp

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i used crossftp, not free but love it.