From shutter to flameshot (screenshot program)

Hello guys,

I’ve been using Shutter for screenshotting since forever I suppose. About a month ago it stopped working because of non-resolved dependencies, and I didn’t care enough to solve the problem, kinda stopped using it, so I just removed it.

A couple of days ago I wanted to capture my screen and I searched for another tool, then I found this awesome tool: Flameshot It’s lite, fast, and has all the features I needed.

If you want to capture your screen. I highly recommend flameshot.


Thx, & also, Flameshot doesn t take much space.

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And just one package without tons of dependencies unlike shutter.

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You bet @ahmedloay

Good screenshot flameshot.
I did not know him.
Thank @ahmedloay

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I use flameshot since a year and it is a good tool.

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Thanks for this, I’ll have a look. I’ve been thinking I needed something to do selective screen grabs because I do that on every computer I use.

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Shutter has been removed from the Debian world, tracker Debian or Jeremy Bicha, and continuous in Arch, for a short time, probably …

But it still works here, even received an update this days … hahaha…
But we have other options, no doubt.

Some time ago I installed the maim but I did not set it or remember it anymore, it follows the line of good old scrot but with new features, it’s worth trying and does not bring qt libraries like the others, so I think it’s more “skinny” and if it fits well with Openbox, I’m not saying that others do not work , but we always look for something small, light and effective, this is fact.

And thank you!


Flameshot is okay but I use either Teiler or a screenshot script I have.

If you like it and you can share it, we would like it

Sounds interesting, the script that is. I think @ector request is a good one. Why not share the script with the forum?

but we always look for something small, light and effective, this is fact.

very true!

will give maim a try. Thank you.

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This is the script I use, stolen from Dylan the Pywal dude.

#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Take a screenshot and display a notification.
# Created by Dylan Araps.
# Depends on: imagemagick, libnotify (patched with id support)

# Screenshot directory
mkdir -p "$scr_dir" || { printf "%s\n" "Error: Couldn't create screenshot directory"; exit; }

# Use printf to store the current date/time as variables.
printf -v date "%(%F)T"
printf -v time "%(%I-%M-%S)T"

# Create current date format.
mkdir -p "${scr_dir}/${date}"

# Name the screenshot

notify-send " Saved screenshot as ${scr/*\/}"
scrot -cd 10 "$scr"


Cool! I think I’ll try it. Thanks Dylan for the script we all can use. Thanks @Dobbie03 for finding this and posting it.

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Pretty neat in there @Dobbie03

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