From Manjaro to ArchLabs


My name is Ahmed, 24 years old, Studies Computer Engineering and Systems, and from Egypt.

I’ve been using Linux for almost 5 years now. And used to be a distro-hopper, but recently I’ve been sticking to Manjaro, after a while with Fedora.

I’m loving Openbox so I used manjaro-openbox community edition, and it was good, but now I’m trying to get more of Arch, so I googled for arch-based distro with openbox as default, and I’m blessed to find ArchLabs! Thank you very much for creating this lovely distro.

Happy to be here :))


Welcome aboard Ahmed, hope you ll enjoy AL & the Forum !


Thank you guys @altman @anon37345411 :smiley::smiley:

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@ahmedloay hello and welcome!

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@ahmedloay great to see you here!

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You re welcome.

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Welcome from italy.

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Welcome. I too am from Manjaro and like AL very much.

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Thank you all, you’re very welcoming

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Yeah! Isn’t it Great!?


Welcome! @ahmedloay, enjoy your stay.

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welcome , buddy.

A bit old, but nevertheless welcome! Glad you joined us :wink:

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