Freshe Installation

Hi everyone, I’m new here and after fresh installation obmenu is not working properly , tint2(after i get tint2), volume icon, clipboard try, pamac are missing…I don’t know exactly how to add to auto start.
DeepinScreenshot_select-area_20190629091936 Solution?
I hope that someone will help me. Thanks!!

This is my file of autostart



missing folder(documents, pictures and so on)

I think your spelling is incorrect for volumeicon it should be “volumeicon &” all one word for volumeicon.

for pamac you will need from the AUR “pamac-tray-appindicator”, i think, not sure there maybe someone else familiar with pamac could chime in as i use octopi.

for your folders, in a terminal type “xdg-user-dirs-update” and you should get the missing folders populated.


For the user home folders install

pacman -S xdg-user-dirs
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Have you tried going to tint2 settings, editing your tint2 theme, and then adding ‘system tray’ in Panel Items?