Fresh installation failed

I was doing fresh install and the installer presented with error , on manual intervention the installer could not download surf , removed it from the packages to be downloaded and later installation went smooth . Perhaps the installer was unable to download it from AUR , but I chose it from the list of packages offered on the installer .

Did you updated the installer 1st!

Couple of threads on installs issues.

Hope you fix it soon !

Edit: looks like a duplicate from another thread you posted if I m not mistaken


Try again but do a

pacman -Syy archlabs-installer

…before the install.

  1. pacman -Syy archlabs-installer and 2. then type installer instead of archlabs-installer.

Good calls @Beast @subjunkie


Thanks , will keep them in mind if needed an installation again . One of the best part of installer is that it allows installation of multiple desktops/wms on same installation and each one then works as smooth as it is the sole desktop/wm . This feature is lacking in many other similar projects installers. Plus archlabs installer does not just install a desktop/wm it configured it to be useful righaway unlike other available installer who will just install a barebone de/wm with nothing configured .

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