Free mem

I’m sure that I used that command in the last week, to find a pleasant change today while testing a few things.
Anyone else?

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Good reminder I guess.

Edit; Guess that I would put this thread into the Configs section @sammiev

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I’m only seeing this on a fresh install of Arch. All other Arch base OS ‘free mem’ works as it always did.

However, I do like this a lot.

Interesting. What version is that?

$free -V

free from procps-ng 3.3.17

Just checked it on my Arch box. It’s the same as yours. Didn’t notice the change before.

This is on my debian box. Looks like changes are made in 3.3.17.

free from procps-ng 3.3.16

I like the options, getting use to it already.

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Not many changes though. 37 makes an option mandatory. Old versions take “-k” as default.

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free or free -k seems to have the same output.

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