FOSS ZoomSkypeTeams Alternatives?

Just about to start a meeting with a colleague in the states and he uses Teams
I have to use Chrome or Edge or have an account with Microsoft
Quelle Surprise!

Anyone know of any alternatives to the usual megaliths?

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Chromium maybe if need to use Chrome!

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thanks @altman,
I was actually looking for the video meeting app, but that is an interesting possibility
although I’d rather have an excuse for not using Teams :smiley:

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Thx mate.

Well, it s part of corporate requirements of some sort.

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Wire and Slack

Although I am not sure if Slack has video conferencing.

Do a search for “windows teams alternatives”. Plenty of alternatives come up, you would have to check what is still maintained and available for Linux.


Good call on Team s alternatives @PackRat

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I use Signal, so now seeing if that works desktop to desktop
Also looking into:

Riot (I think its called element now)
Jami (" The project was formerly known as “Ring” and “SFLphone”." )

I used to use Wire on android, but moved to Signal as I think it was comercial

I asked you guys as I thought praps someone had already done the leg work, found a good one and used it themselves

I’ll post my findings here later

PS @altman - In the end I talked to my colleague via Teams on Chromium. All worked but it left a bad taste in my mouth :smiley:

lol, One can understand that ! Glad that it did the job.

Looks like one has to choose his poison !

I got signal-desktop to work for a video call with my 80 year old mum on her EndeavourOS PC, so that has got to be pretty robust :smiley:

We had some mirror problems when installing it, but the nice people over in EOS sorted that out for me. It was me being a twit again - nothing to do with signal-desktop

Will try the others next , but maybe with someone else or there will be some degree of familicide


Signal … both cell phones, then install desktop clients. Pair your desktop to your cell on both sides. Communicate by desktop.

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Cheers @GreenMartian
Thats what i did with my mum and can confirm it worked perfectly
It was my first port of call since Signal has been my goto messenger for years.

I’m intrigued by the others tho and so will try them out too

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