Forum Themes

Please bear with me, I am updating the forum themes. I have created two new themes, Adwaita (light) and Adwaita-Dark. Adwaita-Dark is the forum default.

The Dark them is complete. The light needs work. Please put up with a bit of mess for the next 10 hours or so, I am off to bed. Will tidy up and finish it in the morning.


Will check it otu.

Have nice dreams ! lol

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Oh I forgot to mention, the colour-blind friendly colours will be available. Named Adwaia-PD (PD short for Protanopia-deuteranopia)

Anyone finds any quirks or bizarre colours that are out of place please post here.

It s harder to see the newer posts/threads with this newer theme(don t know which one, just refreshed & the theme was changed without me doing it.

Edit: adwaita-dark s a little hard to view the newest posts/threads, but looks great.

Adwaita-PD looks better for my eyes. ( old fart you know ! lol)

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@Dobbie03 I really love it so far. Adwaita dark. Really nice.


Adwaita-Dark is looking very good too


Good Dobbie.

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I love the theme, great work!!!

Oops, you did it again. I’ll try to get used to Adwaita-PD.

It seems to be the one that I like the most out of those 3 choices.

Yep, I don’t read websites w/ dark background. No exceptions.

Pretty much the same.

So somehow I had deleted my back up of the old forum colours for the Dark theme. I have re-done them, I think I am sorted there.

Any feedback on the Light theme will be appreciated.

No issues with the Ubuntu and Ubuntu Mono fonts being used as defaults?

No issues on my end,

Trying light right now.

When one looks at the surname or whatever it s called besides our usernames, it s not easy being light yellow, wonder if it can be darker on light & PD theme settings

You mean the yellow tag?

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Yeah, sorry, I had the wrong term, that s it.

No issue on Dark theme as it s clearer to notice it.

Okay a couple of changes incoming on the Light theme.

Is everyone okay with the brutal #ffffff background? Not too bright?

Light theme ok to me, wonder if you put the tag red, it would be ok for every themes as it is right now.