Forum Status

Apologies everyone. Today’s update of discourse caused more issues than it fixed. I had to roll back the forum to the last snapshot which was taken Thursday (NZ time).

Sorry, anything posted since then is no longer available.

Everything should be a-ok now.


Ok, thx for the warning or info @Dobbie03

Edit; Lost some posts or whatever also I think.

Yep all posts from the last 48 hours are no more sorry.

Oh too bad ! lol

Thx for the comeback.

As a result, I enjoyed my “Anniversary” badge twice. :smiley:


2 In 1 @nwg ! lol

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Congrats (x2)

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Was just wondering where something went then saw this. No worries and good job maintaining the forums.


ok thanks for the feedback, and congratulation to @nwg.
Have a nice day :slightly_smiling_face:


All my code blocks here are rendering in serif (Times New Roman) instead of monospace. Is anybody else seeing this?

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You have great eyes, never noticed that @Head_on_a_Stick

Same here.

Now I’m seeing everything in the serif font. It’s all very civilised but a bit weird.

Might be specially when one s used to some fonts.

It should be rendering fonts as Roboto. You may need to install it. Monospaced fonts should be rendering as Ubuntu Mono.

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Should we really have to install 2 more packages just to have fonts working properly? Is there not some way to set them to just use whatever the user already has set?

I was having the same issue and didn’t have either installed but this wasn’t an issue until just recently.

Edit: I’ve changed it to just use Monospace and added that to the fonts list, seems to be fine here and I don’t need any extra packages :crossed_fingers:


I’m a bit late on this one but, CONGRATS and my very best regards @nwg! Cheers! :beers:

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Haha, thanks! :slight_smile: Two years in good company.

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Personally I don’t see it as a big deal. But to each their own.

Either way it is sorted now. :smiley: The forum reset fucked a few things, fonts were one of them.