Forum Rules Update

Hi All,

I have updated the forum rules. Please make yourself familiar if you haven’t already. You can find them under the Announcements category.

One rule in particular that I will be enforcing strongly is point 8 and especially Covid and the vaccines. I’m no longer tolerating these topics as we seem to be unable to discuss these topics in a respectful manner.

8. Politics, Religion and COVID.
This forum will not tolerate any discussion concerning political and religious beliefs.
As of today, 30/04/21 COVID and COVID vaccination discussion are banned topics. Yes, it is a crisis we all face but when it comes down to it this forum is essentially here as support for ArchLabs. You can discuss COVID elsewhere on the internet.

So take this as a fair warning, if you wish to be a part of this forum I and the other staff here expect you to follow the rules. If you choose not to follow them, then temporary bans will be issued.

I hate to post things like this but I will not put up with the community being divided over topics that should bring us together and I certainly will not tolerate other forum users being abused for voicing a differing opinion.

Any issues, PM me directly.


Fully agree.

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Now theirs an idea. Vote 1


Little reminder to us all, sometimes it s good to check these out once in a while, even if it can be tough to remember sometimes.


Great call!

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A link for us to refresh and reset.

I won’t tolerate this sort of crap going on, this is a place for us to talk and discuss with maturity.