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Every time I visit the forum I have to give my username and password again. That’s quite annoying. There does not seem to be some kind of remember function like most other forums have. Is this something on my side or is it a deliberate function?

Hi @wammes, What browser do you use?

For example in firefox you can check if your account is saved in Preferences> Privacity & Security> Users & Passwords> saved accounts

to add to @Negata firefox does tend to be a bit wonky sometimes. I use ff and get that intermittently, but I think a couple of seconds is worth it in comparison to the competition.

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On ArchLabs I use Firefox only. It does not auto login. Not with LastPass not without. Safari on iOS has the same problem. Not a big issue. LastPass plus fingerprint does the job but I find it weird that the forum does not have the option to remember me.

Strange, it does save my sign in and where I left off with me. Try using chrome and see if it works. Then go back to FF and sync with chrome.

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It might be that you need to clear any custom settings that either you or an extension has changed.


@wammes I use Firefox as well and I have no issues with login. Must be a setting your end.

Yep , maybe your firewall settings also if one on.

Have you checked if you have cookies and site data blocked?

You need a keyring manager, most people just install gnome-keyring

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Matter is solved. At least on my ArchLabs Openbox. Gnome-keyring is installed. I created a new firefox profile. All works like it should. That can not be said for my safari on iOS, but that’s not for this forum :wink:

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well done @natemaia for the solution.

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