Fortunes for your terminal


Do you guys use fortunes in your terminal? Everytime you open your terminal a little snippet appears to either brighten or ruin your day?

If you do what do you use?

I love the Chuck Norris one and just discovered the Monty Python one today


I love the Plan9 version of fortune, it’s in the 9base package and is called by prefixing 9 before the command:

Puffy:~$ 9 fortune
Nothing of interest ever happened on this day.



Ha I do like that!



I added famous quotes from Carl Sagan. Since I was little I forgot about borders and looked into space. Sometimes I need this kind of phrases to see that we are just humans floating in space, our problems are very small.

root@tankeII ~ # fortune space

Todos estamos conectados
root@tankeII ~ # fortune space               

Si alguien no está de acuerdo contigo, déjalo tranquilo. No encontrarás a nadie parecido en de galaxias


I noticed the Chuck Norris ones in your screen shots. They are good.


Yup super entertaining.


From 2 sets;
Quantum Leap


I like the Klingon software engineer’s phrasebook ones - go well as random sig files in software Usenet groups. Example: " Klingons do not “release” software. Klingon software escapes, leaving a bloody trail of design engineers and quality assurance testers in its wake!"


You’ve found Monty Python :snake:? Where? I also have Chuck Norris as well as caufucious sayings and puns.


Monty Python is in the AUR!


Must of overlooked it. Thanks!