Force Native Chromium Window Controls to the Left

Does anyone know how or if this is even possible?

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I think it’s in the settings for Chromium.

Is there an option to “use system/window manager settings” or something along that line.

Not sure if it works for openbox though, may be a Gnome/KDE thing.

The discussion in bugs chromium is still active…
I have not tried to change preferences yet.

@packrat, for more screen real estate I don’t use the system borders. I already had the window controls set via Dconf to the left which I assumed would work in Openbox as well as Gnome., thanks for the link. Reading up now.

I think I know why they aren’t moving. It’s because XFCE settings manager is the default for my setup not a Gnome based one.

EDIT: Nope that didn’t work…

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Yeah, the old editing trick does not work anymore. :confused:

I was confused here, it seems that it only talks about the integration with GTK

Yeah I have given up for now. Not too bothered but would have been nice if it was working how I liked.

Do you think this file can be changed to be used in Chrome?
Or it has nothing to do!..

I don’t think this would work in Chrome. I don’t think you can theme Chome like you can Firefox.

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