For the first time I can not update!

Today I could not update. Imanaged to pinpoint the package. It is x265 that breaks ffmpeg. If I try to remove x265 (the one that I try to update), It breaks ffmpeg and libheif. If I try to remove ffmpeg it breaks dependency with 25+ packages. Shall I force uninstalling x265 or what do I do?
This is a new one for me. Anyone with a hint?


I would just try later on, bet that not every dependencies might be updated right now.

Yeah! You are probably right! I will wait a few hours or until tomorrow!
Thanks man!


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No problem my friend.

Might be related to this thread also, never know;

Edit; if you do this command, what s the results;

sudo pacman -Syyu

Well, I read some about that. Itś about the old version of ffmpeg (2.8) that is now gone.
sudo pacman -Syyu
FEL: Kunde inte förbereda transaktionen (kunde inte tillfredsställa beroenden) = “could not prepare transaction (could not satify dependencies)”
:: installing x265 (3.2-1) breaks dependency ‘’ required by ffmpeg


Thx for the comeback @womp

Well , I would try later on as stated above I think.

I’ll do that and get back here if it’s not solved!


Ok, cool, hopefully it will be ok

Thank you! I will do that!


You re welcome @womp

What packages need ffmpeg

pacman -Qi ffmpeg

You will probably need to remove ffmpeg, update, then reinstall it. You might be able to get away with faking it

pacman -Syyu --assume-installed ''

Thx @natemaia , learn something everyday !

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I got away with faking it! I hope that’s not coming back to bite me later!?


It shouldn’t, the current ffmpeg and x265 are inline, you must have somehow gotten one updated without the other and a dependency cycle. Just reinstall both and update to be sure.

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Thanks man!!


Glad that you got it fixed @womp , thx @natemaia

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