For some reason Ctrl+X does not work in Nano

I am having a weird issue, I am sure I screwed up a config file somewhere, but I am running archlabs with qtile and I noticed this morning, that anytime I use nano, I have to use Ctrl+Shift+X because Ctrl+X does not work as expected.

What could be the cause of this?

You have ctrl-x mapped elsewhere, for example in qtile? You key map is us?

As far as I know my keymap is US, I tried to use xkeycaps to see the layout, but I dont think thats the correct way to verify

As far as I know it is not used in qtile, I have double and triple checked, maybe it got mapped somewhere else

I figured it out, I have a typo in my keymap for Alacritty, and it is being used there by mistake

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Good finding. Pls mark the thread “Solved”

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