For me the best Arch Linux is by far ArchLabs!

For me the best Arch Linux is by far ArchLabs !
The most popular Arch derivative that starts with an M sucks big time i’ve tested the xfce version it sucked xfce applets took a long time to load , but the gnome version was the most worthless of all it has a bug its maybe in the kernel or something thats makes my pc slow as a turtle software runs slow simple tasks in freeoffice and krita make an eternity to be done and has an obvious delay in everything ! I just made this post to save time from the users !
ArchLabs is the best for me !
I’m using xfs for my ssd and mechanical disk and has oustanding performance !


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Thank you very much.
I like archlabs because its installer script is the best i haven’t find anything like this.
Also i like minimalistic desktop environments like i3 and awesome , i3 devs didn’t thinked of people in other countries that uses many keyboard layouts and shortcuts don’t work (on greek keyboard layout) when on awesome they work somehow. Also because i have a fast pc i like the bling and performance of cinnamon but i’m very familiar and i like tiling window managers

Nice intro, welcome aboard @xrhstaras

Thank you , i’m using linux since 1999-2000 slackware linux.


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Really ? Do you remember these days with old linux most of the people wouldn’t mess with linux because it was pretty rough on the edges back then we used to connect to internet via modem i found somewhere in the internet a solution to fix modem and dial and connect succesfully because our line didn’t supported hang tone and you had to disable dial tone detection to work and run the required commands to connect online , but the speed was very good. Nice times we used irc back then and the graphics drivers were pretty primitive.
Now linux is very easy to install and manage and can replace your windows desktop fully i’m playing dying light full detail textures etc on my rx580 nitro+ and runs pretty smoothly full hd.

Alas not, I only got into Linux about five years ago so I missed a lot of the early fun.

I wouldn’t use the word fun more like masochism but for a pc geek it was pure fun i admit that.

Welcome @xrhstaras

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Welcome , Archlabs is awesome agreed :blush:

Thank you ector

Its simply the best and i have tried too many distros if not all of them…