For Everyone's Information

Agreed, for me both the “early metal …” are just classic rock. The rest are pretty on point though.

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I’m guessing Witch Mountain aren’t as well known as Electric Wizard?

Yea for sure

Didn’t find Traditional postmodern norwegian church burning metal in there?! !? :open_mouth:

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Porcupine Tree , Tool, Jethro Tull, Opeth… :guitar::metal: My daily routine as of lately. Sprinkled with some Pink Floyd and Steven Wilson on the side :slight_smile:

Couple of great bands in there @badkarma

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yeah, sure is. And that list is great, gonna listen to some new music tonight.

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Its an extensive list but not that extensive :smiley:

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@Dobbie03 No Vegan Straight Edge Hardcore either. Shame on you :rofl:

lol, good one @DatNobleSavage

Vegan metal; never thought it existed.

God I get sick of that preaching tit. Fuck off Alissa, your band sucks.


Maybe the diet is causing iron deficiency?


lol, pretty much it @Dobbie03

It might be more than the diets ! lol

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Never really listened to AE myself as I’m not a fan either. What about the argument she is preaching?

I heard you like tech death metal: GodEater


You heard correctly, thanks for link.

Alissa is on video a lot preaching about veganism etc. I just find her highly irritating.

Yep, to use music to preach her stuff, she might be vegan but do it privately, it might be one reason why some peolpe get off with this kind of stuff whatever it is.

There are more people saying vegans are annoying than annoying vegans. You just have to look the comments :joy: