For All you Chromium Users

So it seems Chromium etc will be losing a whole lot of function very soon (if it hasn’t already).

Interesting read. For those of you who use Chromium, will this make you change to a different browser?

The change has already happened:

I only use Chromium in OpenBSD and I don’t use the syncing features so it won’t make much difference to me. The geolocation failure sounds more like a feature than a bug anyway.


Hate that when it happens, looks like if they want to screw up linux, hopefully I m wrong here.

All of the features still work for Chrome, which is available in the AUR:

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Thx for the comeback @Head_on_a_Stick .

I use Chromium only as a backup when FF works like sh!t sometimes !

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It also lost one user: me. Latest versions on Wayland happen to take over 80% CPU, or hang the system at all.

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Agreed - I do not use the sync feature either nor do I save password to sites. This is really not much different then the ungoogled version (if not the same)

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