For all ye Apple-is-so-good-at-privacy zealots!

Well, due to the amount of online breaches occuring and just for the sake of learning something I am thinking about setting up my own fileserver locally. Haven’t got that much saved anyway (a couple of gigs) and changed syncing photos etc already to Nextcloud.


Possibly. I do have a Pixel 6 but I am not a fan of Android and its interface.

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I’m thinking that setting up an instance of a secure server (hardening it as much as possible) on DO, Vultr, etc., with a simple SSH server/client transport back & forth would be close to as much self-controlled as a home server. With automated backups, the possibility of loosing files to a hard disk failure is lessened.

I haven’t done it yet myself, but from a control standpoint seems like a better idea than something like Proton Cloud or Google Drive for that matter.


Exactly thinking along those lines as well. Also interesting to learn about it. With current pricing on nvme’s and sbc’s it is an appealing proposition to explore.

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There’s really good tutorials on YT.

@Peppe @GreenMartian I use the heck out of linode and nextcloud for my client at work. It’s a great setup. Pretty much just using ufw and ssh with only key based auth and doing updates regularly is a good and secure setup.


Is there the option to encrypt your Nextcloud instance on your linode droplet?

I use Ubuntu lts mainly so that my right hand man can take it over if need be from just ease of use standpoint. Other then that I would use Debian Stable.

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I’m not sure about that. I guess you could Vera crypt… luks would be really difficult on a headless server. We don’t serve anything that is not based on public records so it’s not that big of a deal if someone stole that data. My main concern is uptime.

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I’ll have to check out if Nextcloud has an option to store encrypted these days.

In that scenario for a small personal data store, a raspberry pi, tailscale, and nextcloud is a killer setup.


Yes, exactly. I have Nextcloud with a German provider now, it works good but I want to declutter. Also have these external disks with my tv and music libraries, photos on Nextcloud, mail with the same provider etc etc. And there are some excellent sbc’s right now. So yes that’s a great setup.