For all ye Apple-is-so-good-at-privacy zealots!

Wakey wakey:


We’re living in The Matrix now. Sad but true.


The worst thing as that it doesn t surprises me at all.

Never trust big corporations with anything.


Pretty much no place to hide now. Especially when you use a smart phone everyday.

Yep, the only way s to pull the plug & be an hermit ! lol

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or a caveman. :grinning:

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lol, I m half way there ! But I don t have the shape in order to be one ! lol

Rob Braxman is a bit loud every now and then, but imho he knows his shit. This was 11 months ago.

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Keep going @altman ! We’re down in the caves already!

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Yep, & I wouldn t be surprised that they sneak in any products that they sell from a long time.

lol, you bet !

Many years ago, I read a science fiction novel Snow Crash and was amazed by the author’s imagination. Now, you look around. Ain’t we experiencing it?

Yep, looks like it sadly.

I just scanned the plot and summary, published just over 30 years ago. Wow!

On top of that, they have been ignoring the users who decline sharing analytics. They have been still collecting usage data. The third class lawsuit has just been filed against them in the last day or so.

I am impatiently waiting on a capable Linux based phone. The quicker it happens, the better.



Additionally, you can add .nosync to any of your files to “supposedly” prevent cloud sync.

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Would it be more semi-proactive to consider an Android-based & utilize open source programs?

The guy who wrote the article has turned off all clouds, sync et al, nevertheless IoS decided to scan his local disk anyway

Cryptomator integrates with files by use of a virtual encrypted drive. It works well with small files, however the is an Apple limitation where transfers of large video files results in error.