Fonts Unicode

I noticed that after Install, neither Firefox, nor any other browser were displaying Unicode fonts corretly (weird square boxes with Hex-codes only). Uppon researching I found out that I had to install some fonts. I installed ttf-droid, ttf-liberation and ttf-linux-libertine from pamac, and it seems like it has fixed the issue. Shouldn’t those fonts be included in the base install? Because for some reason, neither of my browsers had installed those fonts additionaly (I tried Firefox, Waterfox and Min Browser which is Chrome/Electron based).

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A clean arch install should usually bring a monospace font with it and everything has that monospace look. But just these boxes should not happen, I guess.

You can select some fonts during install, I think I took all except the google noto fonts. Weirdly there are some things missing in the new arch versions as well (for instance install options for printer support or bluetooth).

The firefox package lists ttf-font as a dependency so a unicode-capable font should already have been installed.

Or did you use the tarball from Mozilla?

Frankly, I don’t know if I installed it trough the installer, pamac or baph (it was a while ago). But nonetheless I did not install it manually.