Font rendering broken for GTK3


I just noticed that my GTK3 font settings are not being respected. I am on LXDE (GTK3), and whatever font selection I make through lxappearance, only the default font style is being selected.

For example, whether I select Roboto Thin, Regular, Medium, Bold, or Black, always Regular is being used for most applications, like pcmanfm, thunar, nautilus, etc.

Only Firefox is able to render Roboto Bold, because I am using an extension “Stylish” with custom CSS to make ti render bolder font that what its set by the environment, and it works. Although, on the preview window where I select the font, the appropriate weights are being shown - be it lxappearance or gnome-tweaks. But it does not reflect in the application.

Could someone please help me find the reason for this misbehavior ?

Hi, you tried to follow the archlinux wiki.

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@jayaura, to clarify… You’re using ArchLabs with LXDE?

If so, try changing font in xfce4-appearance not lxappearance.


@anon37345411 That sounds odd for sure. Nevertheless I tried it, with no effect at all. I installed enlightenment, LXDE, XFCE, and GNOME.

Gnome application are still unable to render medium style. However, enlightenment is working fine. But not for GTK application launched in enlightenment. Where do I even start for debugging! I saw quite a lot of options in fontconfig page for arch wiki. I have the following settings enabled in my /etc/fonts/conf.d

10-hinting-slight.conf                 60-latin.conf
10-powerline-symbols.conf              65-fonts-persian.conf
10-scale-bitmap-fonts.conf             65-nonlatin.conf
10-sub-pixel-rgb.conf                  69-c059.conf
11-lcdfilter-default.conf              69-d050000l.conf
20-unhint-small-dejavu-sans.conf       69-nimbus-mono-ps.conf
20-unhint-small-dejavu-sans-mono.conf  69-nimbus-roman.conf
20-unhint-small-dejavu-serif.conf      69-nimbus-sans.conf
20-unhint-small-vera.conf              69-nimbus-sans-narrow.conf
30-metric-aliases.conf                 69-p052.conf
40-nonlatin.conf                       69-standard-symbols-ps.conf
45-generic.conf                        69-unifont.conf
45-latin.conf                          69-urw-bookman.conf
49-sansserif.conf                      69-urw-fallback.conf
50-user.conf                           69-urw-gothic.conf
51-local.conf                          69-z003.conf
57-dejavu-sans.conf                    80-delicious.conf
57-dejavu-sans-mono.conf               81-ubuntu.conf
57-dejavu-serif.conf                   90-synthetic.conf

Is there anything odd in this ?

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Hi @jayaura,

Comparing your conf.d to mine, they’re nearly identical.

Yes, I know. Lxappearance has no discernible effect upon my gtk settings in openbox and why xfce4-appearance is included. I’d be sure to check the font setting is the same in both however, just to be on the safe side. Other than that, I really don’t know… Have you tried a different font family like Ubuntu (stark difference between weights)?The differences between Roboto Regular and Medium weight is very slight (imo). Additionally, I wonder whether Enlightenment itself isn’t part of the issue?

i have installed.
Is working

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Ohhh, I didn’t know that… Thanks @ector :slight_smile:

Something to try, @jayaura

@anon37345411 @ector I tried with other fonts as well. Below is a screenshot in xfce with roboto thin. I tried ubuntu light in gnone as well. Results are consistent with roboto - only the base style is being rendered in the applications. However, in the XFCE settings application, the correct font settings was taking effect. See the pic

I do have the gtk3 version of LXDE installed, so lxappearance is actually from the gtk3 package. The gtk3 package is in conflict with gtk2 version.

Another screenshot:

Could it be possible that I am missing some font rendering engine ?

I do not know to me they work, even on firefox without any css setting.
But maybe I do not understand myself, I do not use ubuntu tweak
font tahoma

font ubuntu light

i have installed
extra/gtk2 2.24.32-1 [installed]

I tried to see if I change the font in thunar, settting manager, firefox, the only thing that does not change me is the drop-down menu of openbox, but maybe if I change them in rc.xml, they also change them

I’m quite certain there is some kind of configuration issue at my side. Just dont know where to start looking! Probably I should find the logs when I am changing fonts in gnome-tweak-tool or so. Not sure if I need to run gnome in debug mode!