Following Euro 2021?

France was eliminated yesterday. It’s Germany today.

Let’s go England!


Here & there, not much more. This game must be a blast.

I am gobsmacked. 2-0. What a result.

England’s goalkeeper has saved the game. What a performance!

I’m watching the highlights, Müller missed a chance which even my grandmother would make it! WTF!! :exploding_head: :hear_no_evil:

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The only excitement I get from watching soccer: when the ref pulls out a card, and the player he pulls the card on goes apeshit, like he just got a parking ticket.

Outside of that, not much else.

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Group of death they said? Well all the 3 of them died in the round of 16 lol

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Yeah, no excuse at all.


Indeed. Group of death.

Hahah I think you’re right @drummer, usually they go batshit crazy lol

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My high levels of testosterone prefer 4-quadrant contact sports. :grin:

Missed half the season because was not in the states thankfully purevpn worked with sling tv.

So who’re your favs for this season?


Welcome to the forum @lostwanderer92 :it: :soccer: :it:.
Then Spain, as long as :it: doesn’t meet them on the field…

Thanks @pippo, Spain is fav to reach finals. I am supporting Italy fingers crossed.

Italy will meet England in the finals. Harry Kane will lead England to the victory and he will be the MVP of this tournament. :grinning:


Kudos to England btw, what a great day at the office!
But Müller should try to play ping-pong after this one LoL

Bet that the coach will have him practicing shots to the net ! lol

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Cool, gives me something to watch while beering, maybe at a local Mexican joint.

GOOOOAAALLL fuck it. That’s played out now.

Up to a couple of years ago I was watching footy almost every day, from any country where there was a game. Reason? Betting. And I was making some good money, $500-$1000 a month in extra money for my country is not negligible and not risking much, but very time consuming. And then I discovered crypto :money_mouth_face: No more footy for me, now it’s all numbers and graphs in my head :grin:


I knew a guy up in San Francisco who bet on sports big time. He was a brother in law of a co-worker, and one day the co-worker friend invited me over to watch a 49ers game over at his BiL’s. He lived across the Bay, we rode BART all the way over, get to his crib, only to find out his BiL didn’t pay his cable bill because he was in debt to his balls with bookies, thus no game on. The funny thing was, he had bets going on that Sunday, and was going nuts because he couldn’t check the scores lulz (this was before smartphones). We wound up going to some shithole bar to watch the game. He lost a shit ton of money that Sunday too lulz, he was like “I guess I have a gambling problem”.

My co-workers sister left him a month later. Nice guy, just a degenerate gambler.