Fn Keys on Asus eeepc 1001px

I have installed the latest Archlabs with Openbox on a eeepc 1001px.
I need help to “active” the volume key Fn+F10/F11/F12
I find this page in the ArchWiki about my netbook:
but I don’t understand what to do here (english in not my mothertongue):
“Install acpi-eeepc-genericAUR from AUR and add this file https://github.com/nbigaouette/acpi-eeepc-generic/blob/afeb3a328258b0298a5edaa0e8de22d1bb48643d/acpi-eeepc-1001PX-events.conf
I don’t understand what to do with this file

Hi @paolo,
from the AUR try to install it like this
baph -i acpi-eeepc-generic
about the conf file, on github i think yous must paste this file in your configuration folder.
I think you must have some folders under /etc/


I don’t have asus eeepc but logically you must see here.

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many thanks @Naltap I try during the day

WOW, I have a biggg question for you…
Is the eeepc 1001px 64bit?
I have the eeepc 1000 and had to go for bunsenlabs (32bit), but I’m sick of debian… I want arch.
How did you manage this?

Unfortunately @cowboycamilo the eeepc 1000 has an Intel Atom N270:

Atom N270 is an ultra-low power 32- bit x86 single-core microprocessor introduced by Intel in mid-2008

while the eeepc 1001 has an intel atom n450, which is 64-bit.

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I actually have some micro laptops with Atom N270 CPUs. They can barely run libuntu, puppy linux, etc. so they really can’t be used for anything online. If you really want Arch @cowboycamilo, I’d look into a newer used laptop with a 64-bit CPU and at least 4GB of RAM.

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Ok, that explains it… I have the old EEEPC1000 just siting around, sometimes mi kid plays with it… I`m on a new machine but I do use when I just need to relax and write, but I can’t stop liking that old eee, here a screenshot (bunsenlabs).