Fluxbox in the latest AL release

Wow, thanks guys! This is really cool. I can’t blame you for simply using the default FB since you hate all that pre-config stuff. One note though- by deafult the FB menu gives you only xterm and firefox (and firefox won’t start until you can get into the ~/.fluxbox/menu file and change [firefox] {} to [firefox] {firefox}. Long story short- anyone trying it must choose xterm in the terminal selection part of the installer to get started with a terminal. From there you can download anything you want and change the menu file with any editor.


Wow, thx, wasn t aware Fluxbox was included.

Glad to hear. If you don’t pick any terminals or any DE’s that install a terminal (gnome|plasma|xfce4), then xterm will be installed as the default terminal emulator.

There’s always dropping to an alternate tty or not auto logging in if all else fails.

Anyone interested in contributing via baseline configs for fluxbox can submit a PR for review here, please try to follow the existing directory structure of the repo ie. create a folder fluxbox-home and only include configs for fluxbox in it.

We (I) don’t hate pre-config, I just have other things that I prioritize over learning configuration of less common WM that I never intend to use. Fluxbox is one such case, and there may likely be more added in the future.

Edit the ~/.fluxbox/keys file as well. By default ALT+F1 opens xterm.

ALT +F2 opens the fbrun dialog box so you can start applications from there as well.

I may have time to do that for you this week. Are wmctrl and xdotool installed by default? I can’t remember if I had to install those myself with 12-2018 release.

You (anyone) can get some user themes here if you want - should on;y have to change the font specifications.