Flathub to become an app store for Linux, including paid software

What do you think?

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Oh lord. The drama never ends with these container apps. I don’t really care what they do though since I don’t use flatpacks appimages or snaps.

I do use docker/podman though. If they do something crazy with base images on dockerhub I’ll have some to say.

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I’m being forced into supporting flatpacks in nwg-shell, for use with Fedora. On Arch it’s redundant.


Running flatpaks on immutable OS’s of course, but also some on regular distros. Can be for a latest version (Handbrake), mostly to containerize proprietary or invasive shiite, like Chromium, Zoom, Skype. Have to use those for work sometimes.


Eewwwww, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.


IMO, paid apps in the store will gradually turn it into Google Play. Thousands of dollars will be needed to promote an application (including a free one) and there will no longer be room for independent developers.

Why does everything get ruined? (although I never thought flatpak etc was good)

I always think of that bit in Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari (before he goes off on a vegan rant) when he says success of a species often means a very reduced quality of life of individuals - humans, and cows are really successful in terms of numbers for example

All those things that were really good when they started before Big Business got involved

Punk (before the punk mohawk uniform character was developed), and loads of ‘alternative’ music scenes that are now just fashion genres that you can buy into
Skype & Whatsapp etc p’raps (in my mind they were but I dont know really)
etc etc

I secretly hope Archlabs doesnt get too successful (sorry if that is horrible) as its just so, so, so cool as it is

God, I dont know what set that tirade off - its my age, sorry


Had that already when the number was still way below 40 :crazy_face:

Arch needs none of this repo’s work just fine.

Sometimes I even miss source installs.


I don’t have to. I install all the nwg-* stuff this way.

“Overthrow anything good” is todays motto.

Who decides this? Microsoft or another corporation with declining profit?



I’ll paste what I’ve already written elsewhere:

The owner of the store will earn twice on developers: by charging % of sales and by offering paid recognition in the store. Indie devs will be unable to afford promotion, so their stuff, paid or not, will remain invisible from behind the promoted ones. Do we want a Google Play clone on Linux?

Also: I prefer 1 sponsor, who supports me occasionally with $100, because they want & can, to 100 users, worth of $1 each, but with high expectations of paid software.

I’d rather the business stay away from Linux.


“I’d rather the business stay away from Linux.”

This I agree with!
@nwg : You are a good guy!