Fix MPD on polybar

Hey fellas…first thing… yay! I have MPD working finally.

But if you look on the below screenshot, the progress bar for songs is real fugly… I would love to have it look similar to the volume slider to the right of it… any help on what, where, and how to make that happen would be outstanding.

mine is like that, see if you like it.
bar-progress-format = %{+o +u}%fill%%{-o -u}%indicator%%{+o +u}%empty%%{-u -o}

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That’s weird…it is what I have also…but I get that red blob of a progress bar

I actually got it almost fixed…now it has a red border, but the center is similar to volume…what a pain to figure out…lol

If someone please help me get rid of this red border on here… I can’t seem to figure it out.

in hurry I forgot this, I see it that way.
bar-progress-indicator = 

post you modules.conf mpd

;; MPD ;;
type = internal/mpd
format-online = <bar-progress>  <icon-prev> <icon-stop> <toggle> <icon-next>  <label-song>
format-offline = <label-offline>
bar-progress-format = %{+o +u}%fill%%{-o -u}%indicator%%{+o +u}%empty%%{-u -o}
label-offline = mpd is off
format-online-prefix = " "
icon-play = 
icon-pause = 
icon-stop = 
icon-prev = 
icon-next = 
icon-random = 
icon-repeat = 
toggle-on-foreground =
toggle-off-foreground = #55
bar-progress-width = 35
bar-progress-indicator = |
bar-progress-fill = •
bar-progress-empty = ·
bar-progress-empty-font = 2
bar-progress-indicator-font = 2
bar-progress-fill-font = 2
bar-progress-fill-foreground = #6BB3E7
bar-progress-empty-foreground = #666666
bar-progress-indicator-foreground = #666666A85659

%{+o +u}%fill%%{-o -u}%indicator%%{+o +u}%empty%%{-u -o}
%fill%%{-o -u}%indicator%%{-o -u}%empty%%{-o -u}


You are now my hero sir… thanks!

Top job @ector


Just for giggles… can you explain the difference between both lines…just to lessen my ignorance. If you have the time…

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read the polybar formatting wiki,where there are underline color% {u} and overline color% {o}.

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@TimApple I’ve never set up mpd, so I’m watching your topic with interest here :slight_smile:

I norm use either moc or audacious and I guess that’s always served me but think I may play with mpd when time permits.

This is the page I used to guide me through it…

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@TimApple Thank you kind sir, I’ll need it :slight_smile:

the best for configure mpd is:
There is also the script to install the mp configuration