Fishing Fun!

For sure man. What do you think about this? My first brown in Montana. I just read that the world record just came from NZ.

Edit: you’ll notice my T-shirt has my arch labs avatar logo on it.


A little small. :smiley: You’d get on well with my friend Brent who is a huge trout fishing fan.

Indeed I did.

that’s a better size.

I’ll move this to it’s own thread. Please share your fishing catch there!! lLus photos of the surrounding country side.


Thanks for the fish pics thread. @forum let’s fill it up!!


I’ll add something in August.

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Going back to your lake house??

To the very same place for last 18 years or so. I know each fish personally.


Are frozen ones accepted? That’s all I can “catch”


A lot cheaper but not as much fun. :wink:


lol, since I also have not much patience for fishing or hunting also, I m also go to some Supermarkets or specialty store for fish.

But it all comes back to what hobbies & such that one likes.


Hatchery fish after planted in a lake or stream also feed at whatever time the workers had fed them before.

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Or the brown septic trout


@nwg got it done today bro.


Nice one @cog. Is there a limit on the size of trout you can take where you are?

What a beauty! Unfortunately, they do not appear in my lowland area.

It’s pretty much just 2 a day and no measurement on that section. Only thing is the water is so low most people can’t catch them. I use Japanese Tenkara style rods to get it done. Behind my house is much better and use Western style fly rods.

@nwg that’s cool, y’all have so other interesting fish. Really enjoyed your tench adventure.

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LOL, it started and ended with a single, little tench. It happened to me for the 1st time on this lake, I go to for 16 or 18 years. All the rest were roach and bream, as in the picture below. The biggest was 46 cm long, so no monster.


Out of focus, because it was taken with one hand in the dark.

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@nwg aomething is always better than nothing

@anon99136783 they’re up for sale if you want them. To add to your detail on the shorts I actually put them on at the river. I wear shorts and crocs in the summer when fishing instead of waders because they are a waste of time and energy. I wore cowboy boots and wranglers most of the day because I had to walk across this to get to the river.

You’re right though I don’t know how my chortays are so clean, there’s sauces of all kinds every night on my shirt when we’re done eating dinner.


It’s quite strict here. We need a license as well to fish.

We do a fishing license too. The law enforcement really is more keen on elk and deer violations though.


Hmm funny, we consider deer a sort of pest…not a pest but not really wanted either.