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I’m a former AL user. I was previously using Manjaro, but due to some problems I decided to move to Archlabs with xfce. This is not my first encounter with an Arch based distro, but I’m far from be a expert in this.

I was wondering if exists some kind of guide for starters. When I initiated with Manjaro, I noticed that there were lots of posts on internet and youtube videos which were highly helpful to starting up and setting Manjaro. I’m not finding something similar with this new distro.

My first impression with AL is good, but I noticed (for example) that I had to configure pulseaudio so I could have a slide bar for the volume. This was simple to solve, I looked in one of the post in the AL forum, but since something so basic needs to be set, is pretty sure there would be more and more complicated things to set up. Also If there is a guide for newbies like me and you could give a link to it I would really appreciate it.

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Hello and welcome to the forum @naroloal94

We do our best to offer a somewhat usable base system with lots of configuration options during install. Beyond this we really expect the user to take control and make the system their own. Our “guide” is one of the greatest knowledge hubs around; The Arch Wiki. If there is something you want to do there will be a page outlining it.

This isn’t the most new-user friendly but that’s a good thing, despite having some things delivered easily this is still a pure Arch based distro with all the same issues, users are expected to be their own system admins. We all started out in the same situation.

With all that being said don’t be put off, we have a helpful community here that would be glad to answer any questions you have (provided you’ve put the effort in to try figuring it out yourself).


Welcome @naroloal94.

I came to AL a few years ago, from manjaro. I wasn’t too sure how to do a number of things. I had two issues; hard time getting help on manjaro and too many things installed that I didn’t want to bother with.

Especially with update issues with AL, they are usually solved by the time I do an update. Solutions are already available on the forum. AL is very good in this regard.

Installation and set-up problems are usually addressed either in the AL forum or the Arch wiki. Some fixes work on my hardware, some don’t. That just seems to be the way it is.

I have tried ARCOLINUX, which broke off from AL about the time I came here. It is geared to do their idea of a complete install more or less automatically, but then you have a large number of applications you may not want. Doing a more customized install put me back where I am with AL; needing to do tweaking and fiddling. Their guidance and instructions overwhelmed me.

So, I seem to prefer AL with a rather stripped-down install, mostly limited to applications I use and a sparse menu, geared to my needs. Once the install and set-up are accomplished, the new problems seem to be very limited. AL does require some effort to get started, but for me it seems worthwhile.

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Welcome aboard @naroloal94
Yes, ArchLabs is minimalist and good distro.
For help, you have the Arch wiki like said natemania.
Navigate in the forum to share experience and so some information like country, listen music …
Have a nice time with Archlabs :wink:

Welcome aboard @naroloal94 !