First Clean Install in 2 1/2 Years

This feels nice. Like really nice.


I’m more afraid of this than an earthquake!

It went a lot smoother than expected. It helped that my home is on a separate HDD>

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It must wait for a new machine or a serious disaster. :wink:

I’m happy I did it. My system feels lighter and I have got rid of a ton of crud.

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Wow, that must ve been scary ! lol

You ve been good 2 1/2 with the same install.

I sometimes keep installs over 2.5 weeks… :sweat_smile:

lol, was pretty much my case years ago when it wasn t 2 hrs 1/2 !

I’m almost ready to do the same!

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After consideration - so am I. In May my SSD turns 5 years, and I’m afraid it’s time to buy a new one. Next month I expect some extra money.

[edit]: Just ordered:


Mine is of similar age. I plan on buying a new SSD soon.

They don’t really wear when reading from it, if you don’t do a ton of writes it could last a very long time. Getting larger capacities can help with this as well, allowing the drive more space for wear leveling.

Yeah it’s only a 120gb SSD so a bigger capacity would be good.

Gee mine are only 250 & 256 gb, should ve bought larger ones !.

Yea, it’s always going to be cheaper in the future though, especially with flash storage. Over here I can get 500g for about $200CAD / $350-400/TB. Not terrible but just a few years ago the prices were twice as high.

Yea at those small capacities they’re significantly slower too. Still miles ahead of spinning rust but that’s all it can do with so few nand chips.

Hey thx for the comeback @natemaia . True prices go down as time goes by.

What I ordered is 512 GB, with read/write speed 555/530. My old SSD is 240 GB Kingston, and only 113 of it taken at the moment. It’ll replace my current secondary drive, which is 1TB HDD.

512 is actually much too much, but GOODRAM is really affordable in Poland, so no point in buying a smaller one.