Firefox restore session

Does anyone know how to restore my previous session of my firefox?
Either knows where the saved sessions are, I searched the net, but I go out.

Wonder if it can be of any help to you @ector

Edit: Weird, oldly enough I don t have it enabled on my FF install. Bet it s in the Privacy & Security section on the right end side of page.

Here s another link that might help;

thank @altman no.
hi find this

but I don’t know which files I have to change and also I can’t find the sessionstore.jsonlz4, can anyone give me directions on how to proceed?
Here everything I have in my sessionstore-back,see photo

Guess that s it s from this section on the link that you provideed;

Firefox 56 and newer instructions

Firefox 56 and newer instructions

Oh, even if you do this !

Mozilla changed the format of session backup files and that means that the previous way of restoring sessions needed updating.

  1. Close the Firefox browser. Make sure no instance of the browser is running.
  2. Open the profile folder and rename the current session file sessionstore.jsonlz4 to sessionstore-backup.jsonlz4.
  3. Open the sessionstore-backups folder of the profile.
  4. Rename recovery.jsonlz4 to recovery-backup.jsonlz4.
  5. Rename recovery.backlz4 to recovery-backup.backlz4.
  6. Copy the session restore backup that you want to restore, e.g. previous.jsonlz4.
  7. Go back to the root directory of the Firefox profile.
  8. Paste the copied file to the root folder.
  9. Rename it to sessionstore.jsonlz4.
  10. Restart the Firefox browser.
  11. Firefox might pick up the session automatically. If it does not, press the Alt-key on your keyboard and select History > Restore Previous Session.

I don’t have that file, do you have it?

Bet that no, I have History disabled, might be why.

Edit: I have firefox.js file only, wonder why.

Do you have History disabled in FF !

@altman no.

In History from left top of FF page, what it shows when you click on it, should be highlighted under Sync Tabs . Mine isn t because I have it disabled.

Have you tried looking in history. That would give you all the sites that you were on.

Yes, but there are so many days, and then some open pages if you don’t update them, they no longer appear.
I made a mistake to start a second firefox window and all the open sites of the first firefox window disappeared.

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Hmm, I was able to go back one week and further… Yeah, opening another window seems to reset to the new window. I know it’s too late now, but before leaving the website, I would suggest bookmarking the sites into categories and/or bookmark bar. I wish I could help you further, but…

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